Venus with Olympus

Fully Autonomous Drone with Docking Station


increase operational time compare to conventional drone


total uptime



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Venus ensures a fully secured environment by patrolling 24/7, swapping batteries in 2 minutes, alerting your forces when suspicious activities are detected by the AI, tracking and following the target, providing real-time crucial data for executive decisions.

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Search and Rescue

The AI in Venus is able to detect and recognize survivors in disaster situations, saving lives at the most critical moment, and operating for 24/7 fully automatic.

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Infrastructure Inspection

Roads, bridges, oil rigs, comm towers, power lines - and many other types can be inspected automatically with Venus. The 24/7 operation will ensure that any critical damages be reported to the managers ASAP.

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Track and Trace

Venus can provide real-time data insights about where are the items needed to be traced, i.e. containers, vehicles, inventories for 24/7 without assistance, enabling lean and just in time industrial operations.

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Venus and Olympus working together can provide an end to end solution to the logistics industry. Fully automated drone delivery service, operational for 24/7 will open up the skies for the logistics industry.