Hydergen Fuel Powered Drone


increase operational time compare to conventional drone


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With a very long range capability, Terra is able to fully secure a large perimeter by patrolling and alerting your forces when suspicious activities are detected by the AI, tracking and following the target, providing real-time crucial data for executive decisions.

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Search and Rescue

The AI in Terra is able to detect and recognize survivors in disaster situations, saving lives at the most critical moment, and operating up to 3 hours fully automatic.

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Infrastructure Inspection

Roads, bridges, oil rigs, comm towers, power lines - and many other types can be inspected automatically with Terra. With up to 3 hours endurance, Terra will be able to spot all the minor details, map out a very large area, ensuring that any critical damages be reported to the managers ASAP.

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Track and Trace

erra with its 3 hours flight time can provide real-time data insights about where are the items needed to be traced, i.e. containers, vehicles, inventories of very large areas without assistance, enabling lean and just in time industrial operations.

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Terra can provide long-range air support to the logistics industry. With up to 3 hours of flight endurance, Terra can go the distance without stopping, or delivering goods in very high winds in the seas.